HomeCast 2.1.3 (current version)

  • Fully open source  (sources are downloadable)
  • Remove all crypted files

Download HomeCast 2.1.3

HomeCast 2.1.2

  • Improve IPV6 fowarding
  • Correct bugs on HomeCast Music plugin
  • Correct bugs on Registration
  • Add Dash music only transcoding
  • Update/improve some web rendering.
  • Online demo of HomeCast at

Download HomeCast 2.1.2

HomeCast 2.1.1

  • Can now handle IPV6
  • Improve video & audio transcode engine
  • Correct bugs on unicode render
  • Correct bugs on ChromeCast and Google Home receivers
  • Android native apps (HomeCast Video & HomeCast Music)
  • Add a free video and music library online

Download HomeCast 2.1.1

HomeCast 2.1.0 

  • SSL certificat per HomeCast with Let’s Encrypt
  • Hardware acceleration (NVENC, QSV)
  • web site (easy access to your HomeCast)
  • New Ver-Vert Studio Website
  • Support for ChromeCast, ChromeCast HD, Google Home (music only)


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