To come

Future HomeCast developments

We have plans … but we need time and money .

1 – Make HomeCast Media Center compatible with MacOS and Linux (RaspBerry PI)

This should be an easy challenge. Our main libraries are already compatible with GCC (HomeCast is  develop in VC++ 2013). So ..  this is for soon. Priority #1

3 – HomeCast video encoder (DASH & HLS)

That will be great option. This encoder will allow you to pre-encode your videos in DASH MPEG & HLS. DASH is used by youtube. This will allow you to cast more videos in same time (cos no need to transcode videos) and in an adaptive way!  HomeCast is already compatible with DASH & HLS, check out our samples in the download section

Update 11/2019 : This plugin is already done, but need fix for distribution. We use it for encoding all our videos & audios available in  Priority #2

4 – Amazon Echo & Fire Stick tv

HomeCast is ready for ChromeCast & Google Home. But what a kick to ear HomeCast Music through an Amazon Echo ! For soon, be sure !   Priority #4

5 – Remove bootstrap references

HomeCast was originatly design with bootstrap v4. we thing and we are sure that  tachyons css are much much better. Ver-Vert Studio starts  tachyons css conversion of HomeCast.   Priority #999





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