How to setup your HomeCast Media Center

But first, what is HomeCast ? It’s simply a media center that allow you to share audios/videos saved on your computer, on all devices connected to your local network (at home): your tablet, TV, smartphone, without having to copy the files on each media.  HomeCast embeds 2 web applications, VCast for video & MCast for Audio.

MCast & VCast are mini-Deezer / Spotify / Netflix but with your own videos and audios.

Setup is very simple, you install  HomeCast Media Center  software on your computer. It is actually a mini-web server that manages the web interface and adapt the audio / video format to your devices in live. HomeCast is the brain, VCast & MCast are client applications.

This configuration offers great flexibility, including the ability to share your videos with friends and family, even if they do not install the Ver-Vert Server application. They can (of course with permissions) come watch your videos and listen to your musics, just with a simple internet browser and without installation! MCast & VCast mobile applications also allow you to connect to your media library. Of course, you keep control over what you can share. An article on the configuration of external access is in progress.

I need what?

A computer, relatively correct if you plan to stream HD videos (Core i5 or i7), audios and/or videos and … the HomeCast Media Center software. Android apps are not required for use with MCast & VCast, it’s a plus, you do not need Chromecast or SmartTV either if you do not want to stream to your TV.

For now, the applications are compatible with:
– Windows NT4, 7, 8, 10 in 32 and 64bits for Ver-Vert Server
– IE11 +, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers on Mac OS Sierra and + for MCast & VCast.
– Chromecast and Chromecast HD

Our code is designed to be portable, versions of Linux and Mac OS of  HomeCast will be available soon, as well as a player for SmartTV & Raspberry PI.

1 – I download and install  HomeCast Media Center on my computer.

Go to, download and install the latest version of HomeCast, the setup is about 70mb. For the specialists our source code is without dependence and is not related to any framework. It is even possible to copy / paste the executables into another directory, the program will always work.

On your desktop, you now have the application HomeCast,  great!

When you open the application, it starts in the background, it can be stopped from the application notification area at the bottom left of the screen:

If you restart your computer,  the application does not start with the computer, you must restart the application.  It is possible to enable “launch on startup” in popup context menu of HomeCast icon.

 The program opens a TCP / IP port (#5000), you must allow this connection if the system requires it.  Without this authorization, the program is unusable.  HomeCast also need to be register with us, we than create SSL & DNS routing for you.

When you open the application, or double click on the notification icon, your web browser opens a page with installed web applications (MCast & VCast).

MCast & VCast are completely independent, they do not share any information or database. At the first use, you must set your “administrator” or “main user” account for MCast and / or VCast.

You have the option to use the unique signature of Facebook or Twitter to create your “administrator” account.  For your information, we do not retrieve any information from your database, if you forget your password, we can not retrieve  it. 

We are almost there ! Validate the following 2 screens … your HomeCast is now ready!

The next step is to set the directories where the audio for MCast and the videos for VCast are stored.

2 – I set the directories containing my audios / videos to share and launch a scan.

If your database is empty, MCast / VCast asks you to set the directories you want to share (containing your musics or videos)

Add your directories:

Then, when everything is good, it’s time to launch your first scan by clicking on the “Update Library” button

A window in the bottom of the browser allows you to follow the progression of the scan and/or to stop it:


When the scan is done, refresh your page or go back to the home page (menu -> home), your audios/videos are now accessible:

2 types of scan are possible:
  •  Fast, scan only the new files inserted since the last scan and do not delete anything in the database.
  • Full, scan all files, remove inconsistencies, deleted files, unused images, cache files.
What is exactly done when scanning my library ?

For  MCast: get the IDTAGs and covers if present in your audios. Order as album, artist, genre based on the information of your files (idtagv1 and v2).

For  VCast : depending on the name of your video file, VCast queries TMDb ([The Movie Database] ( and retrieves all the information related to your video (posters, actors, synopsis, genres ….). According to our tests, 50% of the videos are found automatically.

3 – How do I access MCast / VCast on another computer, tablet, smartphone, TV.

To use VCast/MCast on a computer other than the one where HomeCast is installed, on a tablet or smartphone, you just need a compatible browser and enter the IP address (local url ) of the computer running HomeCast.  This address is always indicated at the top of the MCast/VCast  web applications:

For example, here is the address to enter :
“” -> web site
“” -> to go directly to VCast
“” -> to go directly to MCast.

Warning, the address ** ** above is just for example, this IP address may be different at your home!

HomeCast opens port 5000 on your computer, you have the possibility to modify it in the file “homecast.xml”, then you have to restart the server.

To be reachable by the IP address (local url), devices must absolutely be connected to the same network (same box, same wifi router, …). So if your smartphone is connected to the 4G network and not to your box, it will never reach your server!

Android applications

You can now install Android MCast & VCast applications, they will detect your HomeCast Media Center. The use of applications brings additional features, such as downloading, navigation is also more intuitive and adapt to smartphones/tablets.

Google play MCast

Google play VCast


I want to help you, can I?

Of course, you notice errors, you want other features, you can contact us at

You are fluent in a language that is not available at the moment, such as Japanese, Russian or Arabic, you can support a translation (, about 6000 words.

If you like our apps, donate, MCast & VCast are free and ad-free (, the best way to help!

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