HomeCast, UPnp, DNS, Let’s Encrypt SSL fix

Nowdays security is essential, all internet world need security and browser like Chrome have restrictions with web site without security. It’s will be soon impossible to use thrid part devices (Chromecast, SmartTv, …) without security (ssl certificate) and HomeCast media center is a website but at home.

Depending of your internet provider or your material, you could experience connectivity problems that will lower your HomeCast experience.

If ever you have this warning message, you need to fix stuff :

First thing to know is that Ver-Vert Studio is a Dynamic DNS provider for HomeCast. For each HomeCast, we create and maintain 2 DNS records for .dyn.homecast.app domain, one with your local IP and one with your internet IP.

local.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.dyn.homecast.app target your HomeCast in our local network

ext.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.dyn.homecast.app target your HomeCast from internet (only if you enable internet access)

Your can find your HomeCast DNS addresses in the Connectivity part of HomeCast admin page

SSL security works only with DNS name, but what is DNS ? It’s simple, DNS is the “humain readable” ip address of your HomeCast.

You could experience 3 types of problems :

  • SSL certificate error
  • DNS Rebinding
  • Upnp port close

Go to your HomeCast admin page to check out what is going wrong.

SSL certificate

First check if your certificate is valid !

HomeCast use Let’s Encrypt authority  to generate your SSL certificate. At HomeCast start, your account is created,  validate the DNS and query or update your SSL Certificate. This certificate is valid for 3 months, HomeCast renew it after 2 months and warn you 15 days before SSL end in case of trouble.

You can renew the certificate , prefer to do this outside a secure connection cos when the certificate is generated, it’s restart the secure server. You can open a none secure connection by double click on HomeCast Icon or go to https://my.homecast.app and click on “Open unsecure local connection”

We are currently limited to 3000 certificates per week, you can try to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate from an another domain by following this post.

DNS rebinding

Some routers/modems or internet provider DNS have a feature called “DNS rebinding protection” that not forbid to use your local DNS address (local.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.dyn.homecast.app) in your local network.

If ever your internet provider enable the “DNS rebinding protection”, you need to change the DNS servers primary and secondary of your connection to one that allow DNS rebinding like :

To change your DNS settings, here are some tips – Youtube change DNS settings

The Test buton is also your friend to check what is going wrong.

You could also try to change the DNS servers from your router parameters.

In case it’s your router that enable “DNS rebinding protection”, google it to try  to remove HomeCast from this protection.

Upnp and internet access

If you enable internet access (allow connections from internet to use your HomeCast), HomeCast use Upnp protocol to  configure your router/modem where it’s supported.

If your Secure internet DNS address is ended with :0, Upnp is not supported, try to enable it in your router parameters.

In cast Upnp is not supported, you will need to set Internet IP port and configure your modem/router  redirections.

Check connectivity

“Test” button is your best friend, with some routers it’s not possible to  check your connection from your local network. The “Test button” run tests from our servers.




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