Ver-Vert Studio creates HomeCast, connected media center.

Ver-Vert Studio is pleased to announce the launch of HomeCast, its connected and free media center.

Entirely designed and developed in Burgundy, specifically in Nevers, HomeCast allows you to broadcast and share the videos, music, series, playlists available from your computer on all connected devices of the house (computer, tablet, Android and Apple mobile, smart-TV, Chromecast, Chromecast HD, Google Home) via a web browser and a very simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

Thanks to its powerful streaming engine HomeCast automatically adapts the audio and/or video stream to each type of machine. If available on the computer’s graphics card, HomeCast supports video accelerations (Nvidia NVEnc-NVDec, Microsoft DXVA2, Intel QSV, CUDA and OMX) to allow broadcasting of multiple video streams simultaneously (in Dash-Mepg and Apple HLS formats), even in 4k.

HomeCast uses the latest security technologies and provides one SSL certificate per media center (in agreement with Let’s Encrypt), securing the link between the user and his media center.

Ver-Vert Studio also provides the website, which links the media center to the Internet. Thanks to, you can access your media center from anywhere in the world.

In the near future, we will enrich our media center with other options, including:

  • Dash-Mpeg/Apple HLS  encoder that is useful for pre-encoding videos in these formats  and allowing anyone to create  its own adaptive streaming platform.
  • Native Android apps / IOS HomeCast-Music and HomeCast-Video.
  • Make HomeCast compatible with Amazon products (Echo Dot & Fire Stick TV)
  • Make HomeCast compatible on RaspBerry PI.

HomeCast is available for the moment in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Chinese.

For more information about our media center or about us, visit our website

Sandrine Giraud.

Ver-Vert Studio crée HomeCast, media center connecté.

Ver-Vert Studio est heureux d’annoncer la mise en ligne de HomeCast, son media center connecté et gratuit.

Entièrement conçu et développé en Bourgogne, plus précisément à Nevers, HomeCast permet de diffuser et partager les vidéos, musiques, séries, playlists disponibles depuis son ordinateur sur tous les appareils connectés de la maison (ordinateur, tablette, mobile Android et Apple, smart-TV, chromecast, chromecast hd, google home) par l’intermédiaire d’un navigateur internet et d’une interface graphique (GUI) très simple et intuitive.

Grâce à son puissant moteur de streaming, HomeCast adapte automatique le flux audio et/ou vidéo à chaque type de machine. Si disponible sur la carte graphique de l’ordinateur, HomeCast prend en charge les accélérations vidéo (Nvidia nvenc-nvdec, Microsoft DXVA2, Intel QSV, CUDA et OMX) permettant de diffuser plusieurs flux vidéo en simultané (au format Dash-Mepg et Apple HLS), même en 4k.

HomeCast utilise les dernières technologies de sécurité et fournit un certificat SSL par media center (en accord avec Let’s Encrypt), sécurisant la liaison entre l’utilisateur et son média center.

Ver-Vert Studio met aussi à disposition le site qui fait le lien entre le media center et Internet. Grâce à, il est possible d’accéder à son média center depuis n’importe où dans le monde.

Très prochainement, nous allons enrichir notre media center d’autres options, notamment :

  • Un encodeur  Dash-Mepg / Apple HLS utile pour pré-encoder ses vidéos dans ces formats, permettant à quiconque la création de sa propre plateforme de streaming adaptative.
  • Des applications natives Android/IOS HomeCast-Music et HomeCast-Video.
  • Rendre compatible HomeCast avec les produits Amazon (Echo Dot & Fire Stick TV)
  • Rendre compatible HomeCast sur RaspBerry PI.

HomeCast est disponible pour l’instant en Français, Anglais, Espagnol, Portugais, Italien, Allemand et Chinois.

Pour plus d’informations sur notre media center ou sur nous, rendez-vous sur notre site internet

Sandrine Giraud.

To come

Future HomeCast developments

We have plans … but we need time and money .

1 – Make HomeCast Media Center compatible with MacOS and Linux (RaspBerry PI)

This should be an easy challenge. Our main libraries are already compatible with GCC (HomeCast is  develop in VC++ 2013). So ..  this is for soon. Priority #1

3 – HomeCast video encoder (DASH & HLS)

That will be great option. This encoder will allow you to pre-encode your videos in DASH MPEG & HLS. DASH is used by youtube. This will allow you to cast more videos in same time (cos no need to transcode videos) and in an adaptive way!  HomeCast is already compatible with DASH & HLS, check out our samples in the download section

Update 11/2019 : This plugin is already done, but need fix for distribution. We use it for encoding all our videos & audios available in  Priority #2

4 – Amazon Echo & Fire Stick tv

HomeCast is ready for ChromeCast & Google Home. But what a kick to ear HomeCast Music through an Amazon Echo ! For soon, be sure !   Priority #4

5 – Remove bootstrap references

HomeCast was originatly design with bootstrap v4. we thing and we are sure that  tachyons css are much much better. Ver-Vert Studio starts  tachyons css conversion of HomeCast.   Priority #999






HomeCast 2.1.3 (current version)

  • Fully open source  (sources are downloadable)
  • Remove all crypted files

Download HomeCast 2.1.3

HomeCast 2.1.2

  • Improve IPV6 fowarding
  • Correct bugs on HomeCast Music plugin
  • Correct bugs on Registration
  • Add Dash music only transcoding
  • Update/improve some web rendering.
  • Online demo of HomeCast at

Download HomeCast 2.1.2

HomeCast 2.1.1

  • Can now handle IPV6
  • Improve video & audio transcode engine
  • Correct bugs on unicode render
  • Correct bugs on ChromeCast and Google Home receivers
  • Android native apps (HomeCast Video & HomeCast Music)
  • Add a free video and music library online

Download HomeCast 2.1.1

HomeCast 2.1.0 

  • SSL certificat per HomeCast with Let’s Encrypt
  • Hardware acceleration (NVENC, QSV)
  • web site (easy access to your HomeCast)
  • New Ver-Vert Studio Website
  • Support for ChromeCast, ChromeCast HD, Google Home (music only)


How to setup your HomeCast Media Center

But first, what is HomeCast ?

HomeCast is a light media center that allows you to share your musics, videos, series available from your computer, on your connected devices through an internet browser.

HomeCast provide private SSL connection and supports hardware acceleration for decoding/encoding live video and audio streams.

HomeCast is a  mini-Deezer / Spotify / Netflix but with your own videos and audios. Continue reading “How to setup your HomeCast Media Center”